Style Watch: Safari Summer Trend


Can’t afford to go on that exotic safari vacation in Africa this summer?

Try this style trend. Take a bit of that Safari Resort to your closet by adding:

  • Khaki colored outerwear
  • Chunky tribal accessories
  • Tortoise rimmed sunglasses
  •  Camouflage colored Nail Polish

If you can’t afford the vacation, you can always rock the fashion.

Are you ready to try this trend?

Summer Style Watch

Safari Summer Style

Show us your version of Safari Summer style trend!

The Overall Comeback


It’s official, the overalls are coming back this season. I remember wearing them when I was in elementary school I believe. This season, overalls are not the same old boring, denim ones. They are new, in a modern type of way, with prints and solids in various colors. I like to think of them as rompers with straps.

Did you know overalls were used as protective clothing for work years ago? It’s crazy how fashion 10 years ago is coming back. Just think 20 years down the road, the fashion today will most likely come again in the following years. That’s the fashion world for you! 🙂

I am on the search for some cute overalls now, if you see any, feel free to share them via commenting! I’d love to see and perhaps buy it, if I like it!


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Haute Rocking High Heel Shoes at this year’s Met Ball 2013


Stepping out in high fashion means putting the right foot, and the right footwear, first.

New York City’s 2013 Met Ball was one of the biggest nights in fashion for the entire year, and the stars did not disappoint. Well, not many of them. This year’s exhibit tracks Punk: Chaos to Couture, and the evening’s theme makes it clear that the coming year’s style trends will continue to explore the wide potential of Punk influence on fashion.


But some fans and followers were disappointed that certain celebrities didn’t take the theme far enough. Others felt that the stars didn’t truly shine by failing to be truly bold, opting instead for a pre-packaged Punk vibe that ended up feeling awkwardly antiseptic. While there are some basic and stereotypical ways to dress punk for a high school Halloween party, really embracing Punk’s place in fashion requires diving in head first, and not just on spiky hair.

Met Gala 2013 Shoes Jessica Parker

Met Gala picture –


For some, the idea of Punk fashion may be intrinsically unglamorous, but you needn’t look far to see how celebrities and their design teams were able to make the counterculture of Punk into a bold and haute showcase. Flip through any slideshow from the night or Best and Worst review with accompanying gallery, and

you’ll see that while pulling off a full wardrobe of Haute Punk was a challenge for many, those who succeeded started a solid foundation with their footwear.


Even simple black – or even soft pink – dresses were accentuated into the evening’s proper tone through selecting the right shoes. Where some full outfits did not seem to have gotten the memo, in many cases simply picking the right celebrity shoes were able to redeem an otherwise uneventful – and un-event-worthy – ensemble. High heel shoes as well as high heel boots were definitely in, but it was not enough to simply rise up on heels. Across the red carpet, some form of ornamentation or edgy stylization was certainly de rigueur.


Edgy meant evocative, racy, sexy, despite most of the evening’s edginess being focused purely on the feet. The only curves that made fashion headlines seemed to be the arch of the foot, as even the simplest gowns were brought to life with bold and colorful shoe selections. Similarly, choosing the right footwear can bring your fashion fantasies to bold and brilliant life. An edgy upstairs isn’t that difficult; just embrace the natural pikes and tears that your inner punk calls for. To really lock the look down, seek out seriously bold footwear from affordable brands like Pleaser and Demonia.


Guest Post:


Dave Bonner works in film and television in the Greater Philadelphia area. His red carpet memories are dotted with good and bad choices of how to step out, but he believes the right look is a matter of taking chances rather than spending hundreds.


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How To: Build Your Personal Brand on Twitter


Your Personal Brand on Twitter is vital.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Twitter has roughly over half a billion users. This platform is becoming one of the biggest networking platforms.

New connections made on Twitter can lead to new career opportunities.

Twitter is a great space to demonstrate and promote your expertise to a large audience. It gives everyone a stage, but it’s up to you to build an audience so you’re heard.

Being able to brand yourself in the digital space is crucial and save you tons of money when your trying to stand out in the Entertainment Industry.

I’ve seen thousands of lost dollars from entertainers hiring someone else to create their online presence.

With time and a bit of learning you can do it yourself and in turn have more control of your personal brand.

Claim Your Twitter Handle

Imagine starting a business and trying to buy your website domain name, only to find that it’s unavailable. Horrible right? The same idea goes for Twitter handles.

Not owning your domain name  puts your business or personal brand at risk. Trying to reclaim your domain name maybe difficult or highly expensive. Same case goes for Twitter, however reclaiming a Twitter handle can be near impossible. Unlike domain names that can be purchased, there is no marketplace to buy and sell taken Twitter handles.

What can happen if you don’t claim your personal full name twitter handle today:

  • What looks better : @JaneMarks or @JaneMarks123
  • Harder for people to search for you and people will confuse @JaneMarks for you, rather than @JaneMarks123
  • Jeopardizes your personal brand consistency 

I can use myself as an example. I’ve made it a point since the beginning to own the all  my domain names; .com, .net,.info,.tv.

Although I’ve been on twitter from the beginning someone else owns @LanaLayne  and I was forced to settle for @Lana_Layne.

Ironic enough if you clicked @LanaLayne, you’ll notice it’s a abandoned Twitter handle. The frustration of trying to reach my Twitter twin to ask for my name, has near been impossible.

So take my advise stop right now, go to Twitter and claim your name and all your business names or else you’re at risk of being @JaneMarks123.

Strategize Your Personal Brand For Twitter

Profile of Twitter user

Profile of Twitter user (Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)

Assuming you went and claimed your name on Twitter, it’s time to build your Twitter profile. No one likes to follow a Twitter Egg avatar. Consider your Twitter Profile as a first impression to potential new connections.

Tips for personalizing your Twitter profile for your brand:

  • Fill out your twitter profile completely.
  • Utilize Hashtags in your bio that is relevant to your personal brand.
  • Add a background to your twitter profile. I recommend designing one that utilizes the same logos and color scheme as your personal website extending your brand image and keeping your brand cohesive for your audience.
  • If you want to add more information than Twitter allows on your profile, add text to your background with contacts, links, or other information you want to share.
  • Pick a clear profile picture that represents you.
    • Avoid pictures with friends
    • Photos that are more than 3 years old
    • Any photo you don’t want a future boss or client to see. (Although you may use twitter for social means, take note that employers and clients often research your public social networking profiles. Don’t risk your next career opportunity with a compromising photo)
    • Use a headshot, find a photographer on websites like Model Mayhem that are trying to build their portfolio to get low-cost to free pictures taken.

English: Vance DeGeneres Headshot by Joanna Br...

Establish Yourself as an Expert

  • Use twitter to share useful information relevant to your personal brand. If you are a technology expert, set up keyword alerts on technology and share interesting articles to your audience.
  • Create useful resources like digital downloads of your music
  • Tweet your youtube channel videos.
  • Be consistant with the topics that you tweet about and tweet often. If you are a fashion expert mostly tweet about fashion. People will add you to list and use you as a resource for information.

Build Your Audience. Create a Plan.

Just because you’re on Twitter and have good content doesn’t necessarily mean people will listen. Like websites and blogs, you’ll need a plan to acquire new follows and connections.

  •  Add your Twitter handle to your e-mail signature
  • Promote your Twitter Profile on your websites and blogs. Make it visible and easy to follow.
  • Add your Twitter handle to Resume
  • Include it on your business cards, head shots, zed, and music demos
  • Connect with others and tweet others utilizing their twitter handle, this promotes your twitter handle to their audience. Take note, use this when relevant. Don’t spam other peoples timelines. It’s annoying and will probably get your reported as spam or even blocked.

Utilizing some of theses tips will help you enhance your personal brand and turn twitter into a amazing networking tool.

Remember just don’t create an amazing profile. In order to build and maintain your audience and amplify your personal brand:

  • Know your audience
  • Create quality content that is useful to your audience and tweet often.
  • Engage Engage Engage. This isn’t a chance for you to pitch and be a commercial, this is a space where you can really make meaningful connections.
  • Follows are not equal to collecting baseball cards. More follows doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is listening. Having less followers that are retweeting , mentioning, or replying to your tweets is far more important and creating a valuable Twitter experience.


How you can get Drew Barrymore’s Look. Drew Barrymore launches makeup line for Wal-Mart


English: Drew Barrymore at the premiere for He...

Earlier today, I posted the rise of celebrity style & lifestyle collections. Hills2City blogged “Spring Has Sprung” about Lauren Conrad’s up coming Spring collection at Kohl’s

No surprise that another celebrity designer is debuting her new makeup line this spring.  Drew Barrymore created Flower, a makeup line that’s sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Drew Barrymore is no stranger to endorsing make-up. She has been the face of CoverGirl for years. Not just another endorsement, Drew also served as co-creative director for CoverGirl for 6 years too.

“I’ve seen women empower and transform themselves,” Barrymore told People. “I’ve worn makeup my whole life for film and fashion and worked with the best makeup artists in the world and I love what makeup does for you.”

Read more: Introducing Drew Barrymore’s Affordable New Make-Up Line on Time Style

Being an ex-industry make-up artist, make-up is still one of my passions. I’m excited to go try out some her collection’s make-up pieces….Flower has over 180 pieces. Not sure how I am going to decide which ones to buy first.

What do you guys think? Have you guys tried any of Drew Barrymore’s make-up collection Flower yet?

Your Style Journey

Drew Barrymore is the latest celebrity to create her own makeup collection Flower which debuted this month exclusively at Wal- Mart.  Her over 180 piece collection includes eye, face, lip and nail products which are available at 1,500+ Wal-Mart locations. What is great about this collection is that it’s cruelty free(not tested on animals) and the price point is beyond amazing- nothing is over $15!  It is luxury products at mass market prices.  According to the press release the collection is “formulated with the same quality ingredients found in department store luxury brands, but sold for a fraction of the price”.

Drew B

How did Barrymore produce such high quality products at such fair prices????  Well Barrymore and team chose to skip paid advertising and rely solely on blogs, social media, word of mouth and Barrymore’s popularity to do the “advertising”,which  frees up the usual 20-30% that would fund advertising.  That money is…

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How to update the classic french braid from


I love updated classic hairstyle. I found this great partial french braid tutorial on Pinterest curtsey A fast and easy way to style your hair and go.

Here is the detailed tutorial on how to achieve the look  Partial French Braid 

How to Get Red Hot Lips in time for Valentine’s Day



The Beauty Department

How to get the perfect Red Hot Lips via

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Plump out your pouts with #styleworthy beauty trend, Red Hot Lips. A updated look at the classic red lip.

All you need is:

  • Red Lipstick
  • Red Glitter
  • Lipgloss
  • Lip Brush




You can look like your celebrity inspiration for under $100. LC Lauren Conrad’s Spring Fashion Collection for Kohl’s


English: Lauren Conrad on the Red Carpet at Vh...

English: Lauren Conrad on the Red Carpet at Vh1 Divas 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#StyleWorthy Fashion can be found everywhere.

Many of us can’t afford the high-end designer labels that grace the catwalk, but don’t get discouraged.

Lots of designers to celebrities are creating fashion collections for the everyday woman, that won’t your bank account go negative.

Kohl’s , yes Kohl’s offers several amazing celebrity fashion collections that are $35-$50 a piece. Not bad.

One of the most notable collections is LC by Lauren Conrad. LC by Lauren Conrad Kohl’s fashion collection represents pieces iconic to Lauren Conrad’s signature California laid-back yet polished style.

It is hard to not find a piece in her collection that would work for any of us. Her pieces offer versatility, sophistication , and gives are wallet a break.

Thanks to Hills2City for sharing LC Lauren Conrad Kohl’s Spring Collection with us.

Hills2City -- Celebrity News, Entertainment News, Fashion



It may still be winter outside, but the 2013 Spring LC Lauren Conrad Collection for Kohl’s has arrived!

The latest collection contains colorful, charming and quite feminine pieces; lots of pink, blue and green combined with white and black.

The 2013 Spring collection will be available at Kohl’s in February and March, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Ombre Lips A fall make up trend update you can DIY


Make-up artist backstage at the Lee Matthews s...

Looking for a fun way to update your makeup for fall with out spending a buck?

Ombre Lips

The latest Fall Makeup Trend that  I have been seeing everywhere and love. It’s is so easy you can diy and update your look with make up products you already own.

Being a make up artist in the industry, I had to learn how to be creative and resourceful when I had limited products to work with.

Don’t limit yourself, try new ways to use your eyeshadow, lipsticks, blushes, etc to create new looks

Here is a quick How to tutorial in creating the perfect Ombre Lip

Lipstick (product)

Products you will need:

  • Various shades of Lipstick or your favorite one
  • blushes or eyeshadows
  • neutral lipliner
  • A flat stiff eyeshadow blush or if you like a hands on approach your fingers.
  • A bit of imagination

Step 1: Line your lips with a natural lipliner. This will give you a crisp clean lip and also keep your lipstick from moving.


Step 2: Use Your Favorite Lipstick or a Lipstick that you want to update that’s been sitting in your drawer and apply to your lips. Use a lip brush for more precision if you can.


Step 3: Choose a blush color or eyeshadow color that is in the same color family as the lipstick. Example if you are using a red lipstick choose a pink blush or eyeshadow. If you want more drama find a gold shimmer eyeshadow.

Eye shadow

Step 4: Using the flat stiff eyeshadow or your index finger and pat the eyeshadow or blush right in the center of your pout. This will give your lips the ombre affect and also make your lips look fuller because of the color contrast.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips.

Step 5: Rock your New Fall make up revamped ombre lips, and say

Thank you, I did it myself ….

Perfect DIY  makeup trend to update your current makeup for fall! Time to get Creative and start mixing! 

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Selena Gomez On Her New Adidas NEO Label: ‘My Purse Is My Life’

Hollywood Life

The stylish star debuted her first line for the brand where she talked the crowd through the inspiration behind the collection — WATCH it right here!

Selena Gomez unveiled her new 53-piece collection for the Adidas NEO Label at the NEO flagship store in Berlin, where she shared her collection with a slew of attendees who were so excited to see what she dreamed up! We love what she had to say about a bunch of different pieces from her line and she looked gorgeous while greeting fans – do you guys agree?

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A Bowtie-ful Giveaway (Ends May 24th)!

Check out this awesome contest . Love the little bow tie accessories. Have you entered the Bowtie-Ful Giveaway?

Remember when I donned the cutest bowtie ring/bracelet duo in the post So Bowtie-ful?

bow4Well, here’s a chance to own YOUR own set! Accessory Junkies– how EXCITED are you?!

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